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Advanca Network
Privacy-Preserving Infrastructure for Dapps

Privacy is always one of the primary concerns when users move their data from a centralized entity to a decentralized system. ADVANCA, a privacy-preserving general-purpose compute/storage infrastructure for Dapps, enables developers to build any existing web/mobile apps or new apps in a decentralized manner.

Check out our project on Github, sponsored by Web3 Foundation Grants.

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Privacy-preserving compute and storage plane.
ADVANCA enables compute and storage nodes to achieve a high degree of privacy, which conceals data access patterns against the hosting nodes themselves on a single machine as well as in a P2P system.
Collaborative reward mechanism.
ADVANCA provides a pay-as-you-go service for community users to use privacy-preserving compute/storage. The income of digital assets will be assigned to compute/storage nodes for their service, as well as to staking control nodes for their cooperation and maintenance cost.
Elastic and scalable control plane.
ADVANCA provides an elastic control plane operated by a group of participating nodes, which ensures the fairness of various mechanisms of compute/storage nodes.
Unified cross-chain support for interoperability.
ADVANCA provides interfaces for multiple blockchains to exchange data and cooperate on the agreed set of data in an atomic and privacy-preserving manner.
Verifiable accounting mechanism.
We use proof of retrievability or SGX to account the cost of compute and storage nodes when they complete their assigned tasks.
Applicability for decentralized applications.
The ultimate goal of ADVANCA is to offer a privacy-preserving general-purpose compute/storage infrastructure for developers to build powerful applications without explicit constraints, which can compete with web or mobile applications in general.